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4800 Badger Drive

Menomonie, Wi 54751

4800 Badger Drive

Menomonie, WI

Mon-Fri: 8am - 4:30pm

Box Culverts

  • Any size available – starting from 4’x5’
  • Hydraulic straight-wall reducing center core
  • Easy form conversion for faster production
  • Adjustable outside jacket system allows multiple pours per day with additional bottom pallets
  • With no limit to span and rise dimensions
  • Varying wall thickness
  • Variable haunch sizes
  • Varying product lengths with maximum mold lengths up to 8′
  • Adjustable or fixed rings for forming the bell & spigot
  • The system literally allows for any engineered configuration for producing:
    • Single Cell Box Culvert Structures
    • Twin Cell Box Culvert Structures
    • Quad Cell Box Culvert Structures
    • Three Sided Structures
    • Five Sided Tank Structures
    • Custom Structures
    • Utility Structures
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