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4800 Badger Drive

Menomonie, WI

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About Us

Wieser Form Fabrication is located right along Interstate 94 in Menomonie, Wisconsin. We produce molds and production equipment for precasters throughout North America. With over 17, 000 sq. ft. of fabrication space, we are capable of handling our customer’s growing needs.

Not only do we have top-notch quality but we bring years of experience to the table. Our production manager has been with us for over 35 years.

Wieser's booth the 2024 NPCA Precast Show Denver, CO with a view of tthree forms at the booth.
Wieser's booth the 2024 NPCA Precast Show Denver, CO with a view of the set up from the center of the floor.
Wieser's booth the 2024 NPCA Precast Show Denver, CO with a view of two forms at the booth.

A silo manufacturing operation at Menomonie, WI along Interstate 94 was acquired in 1975; and Wieser slatted Floors, Inc. was founded. This operation was used to develop machine-made concrete products. The manufacturing process was studied and developed by Joe Wieser. Additions were added to this plant to house two automated machines to manufacture products. They were the only machines of their type in the U.S. at that time.

In 1979, Wieser Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. was founded at the same site as Wieser Slatted Floors in Menomonie, WI. The purpose of this facility was to design and build machines and forms to produce precast concrete products. This business spent its first years doing a lot of research and development work, with Joe being the leader. One machine system that was engineered and built was modified and moved to Alaska to produce concrete blocks for the construction of a man-made island for an oil drilling rig in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. For this project, Joe made 16 trips to Alaska and worked with engineers from 5 different American firms as well as engineers from England, Japan, and Switzerland. In the fall of 2013, Andy and Mark Wieser bought Wieser Engineering and Manufacturing from Joe. The name was then changed to Wieser Form Fabrication. Since that time we’ve continued the tradition of producing high-quality molds for all types of custom precast concrete products while specializing in hydraulic collapsing custom precast molds.

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